About Brazil



Other than a global hot spot for tourism, Brazil has one of the largest economies in the world and bustling cities full of work related opportunities. One thing you’ll notice about the work culture is: Brazilians work to live, they don’t live to work.

Capturing the essence of Brazil is best explained as a feeling, an energy that lies ingrained in every aspect of the culture. Perhaps it’s the Brazilian football fans, comprising most of the country. The electricity these fans bring to a sporting match is contagious, banging bongo drums, waving coloured flags and screaming for their team’s victory as if for their own survival.

Perhaps it’s the dancing, the rhythm and movement of the Samba. A collaboration of colours and emotion celebrated at Carnivale that immediately lifts the spirit. Samba is a passion that for many Brazilians is less dance and more way of life.

It could be the variety of domestic and international entertainment the country offers. Brazil hosts world class musicians like the Foo fighters, sporting events like NBA exhibition matches and conventions like TED Talks annually. Weekly markets in Rio sell a delicious assortment of local and international foods as well as hand-made souvenirs, gifts and chic clothing. Live music can also be found in cities every night of the week.

Or, maybe it’s the landscape, from the Amazon jungle comprising more than 40% of the Country, to Copacabana beach and the iconic Christ the Redeemer, overlooking Rio de janeiro.

What’s certain is a trip to Brazil is far from fleeting. It’s an experience that will stay with you forever!