Spanish Courses

The Spanish sessions are based on conversation, using the topics proposed by the students to work with the idiomatic notions of that level. Everyday life materials are used such as local newspapers and magazines, movies, songs, etc., as well as specially prepared exercises and games.

Sessions are complemented with special activities, such as:


  • Spanish & Tango
  • Spanish & Ski
  • Spanish & Salsa
  • Spanish & Travel Adventure
  • Spanish & Dive
  • Spanish & Volunteer work
  • Spanish for professionals

Either in group lessons or private lessons you’ll get the hang of Español and live an exciting new adventure!



Course Options


Develop your communicative skills in a short time

Includes 25 Spanish Group lessons


Super Intensive

Achieve a higher level of proficiency in a shorter amount of time

Includes 37 Spanish Group lessons per week



Learn Spanish while being involved deeply with the local culture

Includes 25 Spanish Group lessons per week + 6 Spanish private lessons



Focus on your individual needs and expectations

From 10 to 30 private lessons per week


Application Requirements

  • +16 to 80 years old
  • Current resume and cover letter
  • The application form signed and completed


Program Fee

Please contact us for the current prices.