About Argentina



Argentina is a country rich in character, quintessence and diversity. On top of producing arguably the greatest football player of all time, Lionel Messi, the country is famous for its rich cultural tapestry of music, dance and food. It has the highest proficiency of English across all South American countries.

With the third largest economy in Latin America and 92% of the population residing in metropolises, cities like Buenos Aires on the southern shore of the Rio de la plata, and Cordoba on the foothills of the Sierra Chicas, are hubs for a diversity of work related experience and geographic appeal- ideal for any intern.

In Argentina, Football transcends sport, it’s a religion. No matter which major city you walk through, the spell of football mania is inescapable and framed pictures of the Argentine team with their leader Lionel, hang in restaurants across the country.

However, football isn’t everything. If you’re good on your feet, but prefer not kicking a ball, then Tango is the dance for you; with lessons widely available across the country. It’s a common sight to see tango dancers, holding a rose between their teeth, vibrantly expressing themselves outside street side restaurants, in areas like La Boca; famous for its array of brightly coloured buildings. Sipping a fruity glass of Mendoza valley wine is a great way to watch the tango, while eating some of the best beef in the world, grain fed in the Argentine mountains.

Equally as energising are the peaks of Patagonia, boasting some of the most impressive hiking trails in the world. Attracting outdoor enthusiasts the world over, Patagonia features hiking trails that taper through mountain valleys and along-side crumbling glaciers, where dancing right wales and tuxedo-furred penguins are frequently spotted. It’s the cover of a National Geographic magazine brought to life!