About the USA


The land of the free is a kaleidoscope of every landscape on the planet. From vast oceans to desert canyons, formidable forests to snow covered mountains, America’s climate is as varied as its people.

The same can be said about its cities: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, Chicago, New York; economic hubs with a working culture driven by success and prosperity. An intern with ‘America’ on their resume is sure to make an impression on any future employee.

America’s 52 states each have their own experience to satisfy the taste of every traveller’s pallet. And speaking of satisfying taste, few do it ‘better’ or ‘bigger’ than the USA. There’s deep-dish pizza in Chicago, where each slice is a meal in itself. Smokey Texas barbeque in Dallas or Mexican in Los Angeles-so authentic, it’s as if Mexican-American borders have merged inside your burrito.

US food portions might be large, but that’s nothing compared to the popularity and breadth of its sports. NFL, NBA, NASCAR and baseball fill the most seats across the country and sports bars where fans drink Bud light and ‘watch the game’ frequent many street corners. These local watering holes are a great place to watch Americans and their boisterous enthusiasm come to life.

If eating food and watching sports isn’t enough, road tripping between a handful of the countries’ world-class national parks is a must. Some of the most impressive include: Yellowstone, Yosemite, Zion and of course The Grand Canyon, which stretches almost 5000 kilometres. Each of these attractions has multiple hiking trails that’ll entertain you for weeks.

Once they’ve visited, people can’t stop talking about America and there’s clearly a reason. Intern in the USA and find out for yourself.


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