About the United Kingdom


Where in the world would you find the countryside meeting the city, history embracing modernity and people as diverse as the cosmopolitan bars and restaurants they dine in… The UK of course!

Comprised of Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England- the UK- although cut in quarters, is best experienced whole. On a world scale its economy is one of the strongest and employment opportunities are high, yet competitive.

Scotland, Wales, England and Ireland are secure places to travel and each has their own, unique attractions.

Take London for instance- a city popular around the world for iconic reasons. On the streets near Buckingham palace, the world watched the wedding of Will and Kate, an historic event attracting the attention of millions. And, on the platforms of Kings Cross station, people recall the magical world of Harry Potter and platform 9 3/4s. Or take Wimbledon, in the southwest of London, one of the oldest and most prestigious sporting events in the world- home of Tennis.

But even bigger than tennis, is the presence of football (don’t ever call it soccer) and the English Premier League (EPL). Football games are the perfect way to watch British charisma and enthusiasm come to life.

A traveller’s itinerary is never complete without a passport stamp from Heathrow and a phone call inside a red telephone booth.

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