Hospitality Internship Program

This program gives candidates the opportunity of working in the hotel/hospitality industrie of Spain’s main cities. We work with leading hotels offering work experience in various positions such as Front office, waiters,hospitality chambermaids, bar-staff, conference steward etc. In addition there are jobs available for bar staff and waiters in many of the large cities’ young trendy restaurants, pubs and coffee houses. These workplaces provide a great environment for making friends and living amongst a community. Candidates will have plenty of opportunity to progress and learn new skills throughout the training period. All places of employment have been visited and checked for suitability. All placements are paid and accommodation can be arranged separately.
We currently have two options available:

Hospitality Internship placement + Language Course

The combined paid hospitality Internship and language course program, aim to promote the acquisition of high–level Spanish language skills and to provide candidates with professional working experience in a full immersion Spanish-speaking environment. Enable to apply for this program option you will need to have an intermediate to advanced Spanish language level.

Hospitality Internship Program 

The Hospitality Internship is a paid position which offers placements in an international environment, therefore candidates with basic and intermediate language level can also apply for this program option.



Madrid, Barcelona, Granada, Salamanca, Seville, Bilbao & Valencia


2 months and more

Lead Time:

3 months

Application Requirements

  • 18 years old and over
  • Signed and completed application form
  • Relevant experience in the hospitality industry
  • Basic knowledge of Spanish