From the Vatican church and canals of Venice, to the ancient Colosseum and leaning tower of Pisa, history consumes so much of Italy one could convince themselves they are hundreds of years in the past, until a contiki of camera-wielding tourists walks by.

But in fact, tourism livens up the country even more, especially in the summer months, where an array of nationalities soak in the sun-lit esplanades, fill the waterside restaurants and celebrate in the charming bars. And the Italians do liquor well so get in the spirit, the cocktails and the wine.

Or for those that want a quieter Italian experience, the winter months between November and March, quiet down significantly. This gives you more access to the popular sites of Rome, usually over- flowing with lines in summer and to the local people, well-known for their hospitality and charisma. Italians aren’t easily offended and appreciate a good sense of humour, which is why Australians will feel at home here.

In winter, you can embrace the cold by indulging in the warm, mouth-watering comfort food of Italy’s hole-in-the-wall pizzerias and traditional restaurants, serving superb pasta dishes and warm complimentary breads. Or entertain yourself at world-class theatres like the Teatro alla Scala before you venture up to the famous Dolomites for world class skiing.

Italy has the culture, the activities and the people to satisfy any traveller’s expectations.

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