About China


China is an intriguing world of contradictions- neon lights against traditional lanterns; narrow hutong streets verse 22-lane bustling highways and traditional Siheyuans alongside commercial sky scrapers- a hybridity of past and future.

A huge attraction for many tourists today is the iconic Great Wall; a microcosm of China’s past, representing the hard work, determination and efforts of its people.

China’s historic work ethic has transcended to modern times, where, as a hub for export and manufacturing, the country stands as the largest and fastest growing economy in the world. This work ethic is evident in the business culture of China- and for interns; gaining experience in such an environment will do wonders for their resume.

There’s no doubting Chinese food is a tourist attraction in itself. Beijing’s roast duck restaurants completely transform the all too familiar epithet ‘Made in China.’ Many of these restaurants serve ‘super lean’ Peking duck, with thin, crisp, caramel skin that dissolves in your mouth.

Or if you’re after street food, look no further than Shanghai Street vendors. From chilli-studded noodles and steamed dumplings, to roast pork buns and baked sweet potatoes, it’s unlikely you’ll ever go hungry.

After exploring the bustling cities on a full stomach and camera snapping your fair share of tourist attractions, an unforgettable cultural experience can be found at China’s largest martial arts school- Tagou. Students of up to a thousand practise for hours in mirror-like unison, each leg and arm movement completely synchronised with the person in front – a powerful and hypnotic spectacle to watch.



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