About South Africa



South Africa has changed significantly from its unstable past over 20 years ago. The country stands as one of the emerging economic powers of the world and race relations have improved significantly. However, it is still important to orchestrate diligence, when by yourself or at night as a foreigner. By taking simple safety precautions you can easily avoid trouble and feel safe in this wonderful country.

Rhinos, elephants, lions and leopards, kings of the animal kingdom, are seen frequently on popular safaris across the country. If you’re quick enough you might also spot a Springbok, a type of antelope that can reach speeds up to 88 kilometres per hour, almost as fast as some players from the national rugby team. And for the marine enthusiasts, cage diving with Great whites off the coast of Cape Town is an experience worthy of any travellers’ bucket list.

The ocean plays a central role in South Africa’s way of life, and the country is well-know for its abundance of beautiful beaches. Surfing is a popular past time in the country, and with over 2,000 kms of exposed coastline has produced a handful of world-class surfers. However, Soccer, cricket and rugby union still remain the most popular national sports with many of these athletes regarded as national heroes.

The most popularised national hero, Nelson Mandela, is synonymous with peace, freedom and South Africa’s historical struggle. Robben Island, once used as a prison to detain the great man, is now a popular place of pilgrimage for thousands of people around the world.

Visit a country that’s as unique as it is rewarding.