About Mauritius



Mauritius might not be as well-known as France, China or America, but part of the country’s ambiguity is also its beauty.

An island nation off the South-East coast of Africa, Mauritius is as untouched as it is isolated- a true slice of paradise. But even more welcoming than its beautiful beaches and year-round sub-tropical climate are the warmth and relaxed charm of its local people.

As a tropical island getaway it might surprise you that the city of Port Louis, capital of Mauritius, is well regarded for its economic success. Brimming with office blocks and regal, colonial houses, the cosmopolitan hub is a melting pot for cultural diversity, art and history- Port Louis even has its own China town!

Between wildlife tours including giant tortoise caves, Monday night food markets and intriguing museums, there are water front shopping centres, a casino and perhaps the most popular feature of the city-‘The Champs de mars’ a state of the art horse racing track. Many Mauritians live and breathe horse racing, which acts as a popular activity for winter weekends.

Surfing contributes largely to the Mauritian way of life and the best spots are tucked behind the Morne Brabant, an exquisite rock formation jutting out of the sea, forming a stunning peninsula. The area of Morne Brabant is reserved for the more expert level surfer, while better protected spots are suitable for surf school lessons, like the picturesque Tamarin beach.