Commitment to Service

Australians Abroad is committed to providing quality exchange based programs and service that is second to none. We are determined to deliver the best to all our clients, partners and education providers.

We achieve this through:


  • Regular Follow-up – Each candidate is issued with a Program Supervisor within the Australians Abroad office, who will contact them at a minimum of three key dates throughout their program. Through our extended partner network we also ensure that candidates receive regular follow up in their destination of choice.
  • Pre-departure Orientations – Candidates are invited to participate in a pre-departure orientation at the Australians Abroad office. The focus of the pre-departure orientation is to ensure that the candidate is familiar with their program and the cultural differences that they may encounter.
  • Emergency Support – Australians Abroad provides a support line for emergencies that may arise outside of office hours. Candidates can contact Australians Abroad by e-mail, phone, fax or Skype.
  • Certificate of Participation – On completion of their program all candidates will receive a Certificate of Participation.

Here at Australians Abroad we are proud of the service that we offer and we are committed to continually improving these services.